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Hope paperback!

Received my HOPE OF THE FUTURE paperback proof today. I was worried I may have to alter the interior because the online previewer showed the text was really raw looking, and not very clear. Looks like the only alteration I have (doing now) is two minor adjustments on the cover. Uploading as I write this (I’m fast like Super Girl!). Link to purchase the paperback is up on Hope’s page.

So be aware of that if you go to preview the book. For some strange reason (maybe it’s just my perception or computer/internet) the preview makes the text look horrible. But I have the paperback next to me right now and it looks great. I seriously love this. I changed the author name font to be the same font (there are two different styles) as the title of the book and it works well. 🙂

A sidenote on this paperback. It most likely won’t be featured through Amazon or other sites (other than Lulu) because it lacks an ISBN. In this particular book’s case, it’s because I went with the regular mass market paperback size that you’re used to so I can release it for a much lower price. So the link through my site is the only way to purchase.

Unless you look it up on Lulu. 😉

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