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How the muse works

I’ve been chatting with my editor about some up and coming bits that I think everyone will enjoy with regard to my books. Including a very special member only eventuality which will get the members of said “special” an inside look at the making of my books. Far more information than I release online generally. I know I am uber excited at the idea.

Sidenote before I go on:
I want to pause and say that for easy sake, I typically call this stuff work of the Muse. Some people say it’s divine intervention, some their own brains, it is referred to as many things, but it’s all the same. I stick with Muse. I like the term, and it’s universally recognized as what I’m referring to. I am absolutely in love with magic and our own powers of energy usage so the Muse sort of hits on that too.
So basically when I say “Muse” or “my muse,” you’ll know it’s just a term for me to easily identify it for you, or anyone I speak with. To me really, it’s almost an undefinable “ability” that we all have as creatives. It’s simply our creative soul.

Back to what I was going to talk about.

I’ve been talking with Jeanie about the editing that I’ve been doing with Don’t Go Far and a lot of the scene manipulations that are taking place. I have to cut and paste, rewrite, and more. What’s fascinating to me is that somehow, despite me not remembering what all I’ve done, written, or where it all fits into the timeline, my muse remembers.

It’s completely fascinating and exciting to me because I literally forget what I’ve written. It’s how I am able to focus on what I’m working on at that very instant and not on something else. My brain compartmentalizes all on its own. Yet somehow when I’m writing things in, the brain registers everything. Not just registers, but connects the dots and keeps everything fairly damn straight. Until I do a complete read through, I can’t justifiably say that it will all be straight, but from experience, it is kept straight.

It’s one of those processes while I’m writing that I am surprised by. It’s an amazing feat that the brain can keep everything straight when I myself, am not at all sure if things are straight. Then I read through, and I find the lines have connected properly, and the storyline makes adequate sense.

This is one of those moments, or when it happens, that I am awed by the way our brains work.

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