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Today’s #amwriting – Cody the #alchemist

Today I started in on Cody again. That would be my little alchemist. I left off with her trying to escape from the man who is forcing her to help him build something. He has yet to refer to it as anything other than a “project” for him, but Cody isn’t stupid. She pieces things together and knows what he’s looking to have her build.

More than that, she doesn’t want to help him. She tried to escape, but Dakota messed everything up for her. While I was writing, I started to listen to Whatchamacallit (yes that’s the song name, lol) by Pussycat Dolls, and suddenly had the below hit me. Gave me a “this is a good one” feeling.

He couldn’t afford to have his plans fall apart so close to the end. The government had built the ships to survive a nuclear blast. They didn’t count on one lone female who could make a [removed spoiler] that was capable of a blast more powerful than a nuclear weapon.

Here is the video that inspired the paragraph. Don’t ask me how, but I got something that gave me a whole rush of feelings and I think led me on a path I haven’t discovered, but will be great. For the book.

I can’t wait to discover what that path is. 😀

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