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Characters for ya #amwriting

Entertaining to be disgusted by your own characters. I’m writing with Haley today. (In the background I have my security sweep program going, as well as a Malware check so computer is being slug slow.) Claude is trying to get her to let up the reins with Ellie. I’m finding I love to hate him. He has some really archaic views on women, and yet beyond that. Though I don’t think he’s human in so many ways at this point. My brain is hinting at something out of this world for him. Not sure where that is going to go, or if it will go, but it’s interesting. Maybe this is why he has the nickname “The Scourge.”

I’d never heard of that used before (it came out of my dream that inspired this book in some ways), but I looked it up and came up with something from WoW ( And the definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary site says

someone or something that causes a great amount of trouble or suffering

which aptly fits who Claude can be described as.

In my dream (where that name came from) he was a monster who could “purge” the ground in a way. He could spread black rot, disease, lava, then it would burn. Or it happened in the reverse. I’m still working on the why, the what is he and the where did he come from angle, but interested to find out where that is coming from. And what will be discovered as I continue.

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