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Book Review – Stephen King – The Dead Zone #amreading

One of the books that I’ve had for many years. I don’t remember when I first got The Dead Zone, but it was in the attic with the rest of my collection of extra books. It’s probably the original copy published in paperback back in the day. The copyright 1979/1980 so it’s old.

I think for me, is a  three and a half(3.5/5)

It’s not that it was engaging or I didn’t entirely like it, but it didn’t keep my attention glued. I felt like a lot of stories were being told within the main story. I could connect them all, but for me it wasn’t engaging enough. Considering that this was one of Stephen King’s early works, it’s not that surprising. I like to read old and new from authors to see what they were like in the beginning.

You can see–as a writer–where he went wrong and right, and where there was definitely room for improvement.

As a reader, and purely from a story standpoint, this is a story that you have to keep good track of, and parts of it are gruesome. If you don’t focus and remember who is who, then one chapter will leave you lost, versus another. I won’t give away the story, but you start will character A, then go to Character B, but then you switch to Character C and you find that Character A and C are the main, then you don’t see B again until Character A and C are doing something else. It can get confusing basically, haha.

I had to go back a few times and go wait . . . which character was this one? Ohhhh. . . .

So pay close attention to each storyline and you’ll do fine. When I’m tired I can forget things too easy and that leaves me to page back to find who was who.

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