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Things that make me smile

One of the biggest reasons that I adore my editor are her comments in the midst of my heavy editing. For me that is one big reason why she is a standout editor. She understands that it’s a headache producing task, and will intersperse random thoughts of her own into the rest of the comments.

This is one of the things that she said about one of my chapters, and it’s not just receiving it during editing that I appreciate (especially while battling a bad heat-induced headache), but that it’s a reminder to my critical self that I am a good writer. I battle my own “never gonna be good enough” demons for everything that I do, so this is one of those notes that I can handle.

What an intense attraction!  This is a very intense chapter with good character depth and development going on throughout.  Still needs a little work to fine tune some things, but the basis is definitely there.  Good job drawing the reader into the story.  THIS is what I’m looking for from you.  I was pulled into the visions with them, regardless of my desire to simply read from a technical perspective.  My heart and mind reacted in ways I can’t even describe.  In fact, I had to read it a second and third time, just to make sure I wasn’t overlooking anything.

I’ll need a few minutes of break time to gather my thoughts before continuing to the next chapter.  Thank you for reminding me why reading is so wonderful!  This is what separates the wannabes from the truly talented authors.

I remember Mary telling me about Hope of the Future that it was an “extraordinary” book so those sort of comments as well, they make my entire day to hear. Let’s face it. No matter how many times you say it, or how many of you say it, authors appreciate feedback. We spend our day alone in front of a computer. The more an author writes, the more they are most likely to find themselves alone.

As much as I freakin adore my writing and have a passion for it unlike anything on the planet (major love for it), I do get the lonelies. I love my characters, but they are characters. So when someone talks to me, I’m like most authors who may rejoice for a bit of chat. 😀

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