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Quickie Update #amediting #dontgofar

Wanted to post a quick tidbit on updates.

I just noticed that I am at page 150/278 so that leaves me with 128 pages left to heavy edit.

Once done with my new scene input (might do some more in the beginning where I’ve missed crucial information) and heavy editing, I’ll be going through my list of editing checks (I think I peruse only about half now, mostly ridding myself of the passive voice that doesn’t work for me). Once that is done, I’ll read through the book, and send it to Jeanie. I’m hoping that it means maaayyybbbe August-ish that I either send it to her, or get to publishing it. I’d be uber excited. The 15th of August is my birthday. I could use it to celebrate this launch.

So we’ll see!

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