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Ask the author – Do you write any books suitable for teens? #asktheauthor

Question – Do you write any books suitable for teens?

Simple answer: No. Not at this time.

I wanted to address this question that my brother brought up from a friend of his. The guy was asking if any of my books would be suitable for kids or young teens.

That all depends on the parent.

I don’t legally market to anyone under 18 because there is a whole set of rules for that. I don’t intend to break one. BUT, at the same time, when I was younger than 18, I read books that were definitely not for young kids. Horror, Erotica, you name it. My mom tried her best, but I loved me some Tales from the Crypt and I wasn’t gonna miss it!

I write my books with the intention of adults being the readers. I don’t write about sparkly vampires since I grew up with Interview with the Vampire. Vampires for me growing up were about death or sex so I let my vampires have their way and don’t constrain them for PC sake. There is a lot of blood, action, and generally sex thrown into the mix.

In the majority of the other books that I write, it’s simply the adult situations, violence, and language which deem them unsuitable for kids or teens. I write horror, thriller, scifi, suspense, and the like. Romance may creep in, but at this point, I’m just not a writer who can force too much romance in, or sexual situations, and I have no interest in it. Lately I’ve found some “science” ideas coming through, and I intend to pursue that. As well as my horror stories, but instead of a short story, I will try to work out a novel, or maybe novelette first.

The majority of my reads while I was young and which mostly influence my writing now were by: Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Books that made you afraid to turn the light off. haha So keep that in mind for my books.

I also read a few of Anne McCaffrey books (and other fantasy) so she gave me my “dragon” love the most. Pern series. Loved those stories. My copies of the books are really old and tattered (were like that when we got them) and I love them.

One day I may have a series (it’s written but needs editing, and removal of the “adult parts”) that is kid-based but in the next five-ish years, I can safely say the books will be solid ADULT because of the violence, horror, language, and other situations that will deem them unsuitable by the default “teenage appropriate” standards. I do not market to anyone under 18 by a rule. Unless I want to get myself in serious trouble with the law.

The vamps and some werewolf books are the only ones to feature solid full on sexual situations. I find sexual situations in books  boring to read so I don’t typically write them. Not a knock on authors, I just like more to my stories I read, deeper things to figure out. I write some sexual scenes in a few of my books so if I’m knocking an author for writing it? That’s directed at me too, lol.

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