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I keep forgetting to do these posts. Word Count – June 13, 2015 #amwriting

Okay, so I’m behind in this and will have to remember which book I last worked on so that I can make another one of these posts. When I was filling out my information I also realized that I should start a spreadsheet to calculate the figures for me, and then tell me my average for a month or more. I’m good at making stuff like that because when I ran my Avon business, I had to make my own. Not one of the programs fit my needs for taxes at the end of the year, and it was difficult to keep track of everything.

I may have to do it with this for a longer average figuring. At least so that I can see a whole month at a glance.

[supsystic-tables id=”2″]


These are my counts for this past week while I was working on Ellie’s story. It’s funny to me that the amount of time I spent on the writing isn’t conducive to the amount of words that I put into the writing. Last time I did this, the time was about an hour, but I wasn’t reaching 2K words. Interesting.

The days where my counts are low are when my mom or the dogs started to act up and needed more of my attention.

If I had to guess at it, I’d imagine that it was partly because I really like this story and the flow is much better. I still know where I’m going, what I want to achieve, what I need to do, what the characters need to do.

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