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Don’t Go Far Teaser

I haven’t been doing many posts for Don’t Go Far so I thought I would now. This is an excerpt from where I’m editing. My editor hasn’t even read this little part. 🙂 I’ve been so focused on the editing that I haven’t thought about sharing any information. Brain on overload.


By the final stage of publishing, the words below may end up completely changed from what you see here. You have permission to share this page with anyone you wish, but you don’t have permission to cut and paste this work anywhere. This is my original, [almost] unedited first look access.

Stefan’s next snarl made the man wet himself. Stefan held him high above the ground so not even the man’s toes touched the ground. This wasn’t the only man who he’d sent, thank the gods. But it was a man Stefan now held no interest in keeping in his employ.

“Stupid human,” his words grew thick as his body began the shift. The man whimpered and tears poured from his eyes. Stefan saw the beast coming out, mirrored back to him from the man’s eyes. A sight he never failed to enjoy. More the fear that oozed out of the man he held.

“P-p-please,” he sputtered.

Stefan stopped caring a while ago. He spread his jaw wide and wrapped it around the man’s face, ripping the flesh off, destroying the skull. Blood splattered and burst from the throat of the man, spraying outward like a fountain.

After Stefan finished, he stood as a human, wiping the last of the blood from his mouth. He turned to Gareth. “And the others?”

“They are without word. Killed most like. I convinced some of the wild ones to scale the walls, offering help to gain entrance. More to test the boundaries.”

“Good thinking. A few losses will mean nothing in the long run.”

Gareth agreed while he watched Stefan wiping the blood from his hands. “We have incited enough issue it will not—”

A man clearing his throat cut Gareth off. Stefan turned to find what looked like nothing more than a messenger, standing behind the group of men surrounding him. “Pardons, sir. Are you Stefan?”

“Who asks?” Stefan threatened, advancing on the kid. The kid stood his ground, even when Stefan halted inches from his body.

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