Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


300 Word Friday – Ellie – 6/5/2015 #Scifi #Horror #Thriller

What is it?

300 Word Friday is where I share exactly 300 words from whatever it is that I’m working on at that second, or during that day. Today we are checking in with Ellie.

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The snippet shared below is raw in all its glorious draft worthiness. Don’t critique the work, or edit. By the final stage of publishing, the words below may end up completely changed from what you see here. You have permission to share this page with anyone you wish, but you don’t have permission to cut and paste this work anywhere. This is my original, unedited first look access.

Here is this Friday’s share from the current novel I’m writing. Exactly 300 Words.

Ellie considered turning around and going back to the ring, facing the consequences. Invoking Stone’s rage was terrifying to her. Claude was no match. He wasn’t. Claude thought he was, but . . . Ellie saw something in Stone’s eyes that day—

She shivered. No. No, she wouldn’t focus on that. If she did, she’d lose her nerve. As it was, she was beginning to. A rusted over object caught her eye on the floor, between the lockers.

Ellie bent over. Her heart leapt into her throat. Her fingers curled over the end of the object, hoping against hopes that it would prove to be what she hoped, and that it was still strong enough.

Pulling it out, she wanted to cry out in joy. An old crowbar! Thank you! It was rusted, had seen better days, but the bar was long enough and heavy enough that it may just work. Unless the door gave away, she could leverage the lock with the length, her foot, and pry the metal bar off the door itself.

Ellie rushed into the hallway, spun around the door, and wasted no seconds. A loud crash reverberated behind her. The door banged down against the floor. Ellie jumped out of her skin.

Ellie hit the door, jammed the bar down into the small gap between the metal bar and the padlock, using her entire body weight against it. The dizziness grew worse. Her heart beat so hard against her ribs that it physically hurt. The metal bar holding the lock screeeccchhhed against the rusted crowbar, but it opened and admitted the bar.

There was no chance in hell she’d turn around.

The hounds from hell were at her heals. The demon from hell bore his attention into her back and he wanted blood. Her blood.

Fshew. Poor Ellie. What’s going to happen ya think?

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