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300 Word Friday – Cody – 5/29/2015

What is it?

300 Word Friday is where I share exactly 300 words from whatever it is that I’m working on at that second, or during that day. In this case, it’s Cody’s story again.

Find it on the menu under > Books > Freebies > 300 Word Friday.


The snippet shared below is raw in all its glorious draft worthiness. Don’t critique the work, or edit. By the final stage of publishing, the words below may end up completely changed from what you see here. You have permission to share this page with anyone you wish, but you don’t have permission to cut and paste this work anywhere. This is my original, unedited first look access.

Here is this week’s share:

[. . .]
Dakota narrowed her eyes. “Keep it up.” She would’ve flipped him off had her hand not had a big bandage on it.

“What makes you think I’d help her?” Guerin pointed out. “You and I have a business arrangement.”

Dakota huffed. “Don’t play me for an idiot. You are a controlling and over-bearing individual Guer-Guer. There isn’t a chance she would’ve gotten into no room of yours that you didn’t want her to. I didn’t realize you liked her so much. Are you capable of those kind of feelings?”

Guerin strode past her and watched the others as they removed the body of the dead man. He had his back to her. How easy he made it to simply stand up, and then wrap her arm around his throat. A shadow formed in front of her eyes, and she raised her attention to the gun pointing at her temple once more.

The guard winked at her.

Dakota focused again on Guerin when he said, “You come across as a jealous woman, Dakota. It was nothing more than a test. One you passed.”

“And what sort of test are we referring to?”

Guerin faced her. “A protection of my investment.”

“Bullshit,” she spat.

“Excuse me?” He crossed his arms.

“Can’t lie to me Guerin, remember?” She glared at the guard since she couldn’t stand up. “We both know it had nothing to do with protecting any investment. You like her.”

Guerin knelt down in front of her and slipped his smooth fingers around her chin. She batted his hand away. “You’re jealous. Again. Why would I have interest in Cody? Answer me that, Dakota. What does she have, that you don’t?” He tried to touch her again and Dakota moved her face away before he could.

She huffed. “Stop acting like [. . . ]

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