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300 Word Friday – Cody – 5/22/2015

I thought I would try something new. I like to share snippets of my work that I’m doing, but don’t always have the time to share them before or after I write. Before I write, I work out. After I have dogs saying, moooooooommmmmm, I have to go peeeeeee peeeeee. We all know how patient animals are in that moment. My own bladder is usually doing the same, but I don’t think it calls me mom. Who knows, it actually might.

On Fridays I will share exactly 300 words from whatever WIP I have in front of me. Super random choosing. The work can be anything. It may end up even being an entire short story. I’m only deeming this 300 Word Friday, for that reason. I won’t limit it to one of my novels. Find it on the menu under > Books > Freebies > 300 Word Friday. I was going to go with 500, but think that’s a bit too much.

If you’re an author, feel free to participate and then share your link below.


The snippet shared below is raw in all its glorious draft worthiness. Don’t critique the work, or edit. By the final stage of publishing, the words below may end up completely changed from what you see here. You have permission to share this page with anyone you wish, but you don’t have permission to cut and paste this work anywhere. This is my original, unedited first look access.

[. . . ]
Guerin took in her forehead, noticed her about to lose her footing, and snatched her arm. His other hand held onto the doorway so they remained still.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” she snapped.

“Looking for you. I need your help.”

“Me?” she squawked. “Why?” she asked much calmer.

“The captain needs me. Carter is scared. I told him I’d find you.” The alarms blared louder than before and Guerin glared at the ceiling. He had to scream, “You . . . calm him.”

The idea of getting closer to Carter unnerved her, but Cody remembered that she wanted to try and search his apartment for that security room. What better time could she ask for?


Guerin was no less shocked that she said yes, than her at seeing him in her apartment, and coming to find her of all people to babysit his child. He recovered and gave her a curt nod. Before she attempted to leave the room on her own, he slid his arm around her waist.

Cody gasped and tried to shove away from him, not remembering much from the previous night, other than she didn’t want this man touching her. Also she didn’t really pay attention to the idea that he was helping her keep her footing. Guerin tightened his grip.

“Hold onto me,” he ordered.

“I can do it on my ow—”

Her defiance went out the window at the look he gave her. She had to think of the little boy. Put him first, Guerin and her issues second. Then when she was there and things calmed, she could search the apartment.

Understanding that she was acquiescing, Guerin held her against his body and Cody obeyed by molding against him. He inched them out of her room, but [. . .]

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