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Trying to up word count

A couple weeks back, I wrote a post about how I have been doing for my word count. I like to challenge myself, and I like to try and find ways to improve my productivity while not killing myself, or making myself hate what it is that I do every day. At this moment in my life, I can dedicate one hour in the morning to writing. So most of the tallies that I will do in this process is one hour worth. On occasion, it may be only half an hour.

I tried doing five days of writing (M-F) and then not writing on Saturday and Sunday. Then I tried doing 7 days of writing, but not in a steady every day way. I still took off Saturday and Sunday, but stuck with M-F, until I hit 7 days that I had been writing in that particular novel. Here is what my word counts have been.

I’ll start with Haley – SciFi since this is the one that I just finished for the past week. You’ll see in the sidebar that I’m at 59,793 words on it.

A note about this series. I’m doing this mostly for my own so I can keep track, and you’re going to see me geek-out because I have always loved accounting and bookkeeping (only the stress of dealing with the finances of other people and their money kept me from pursuing it as a career) and numbers are playthings for me. If you don’t understand why I’m doing this, and/or if you’re a reader of mine and uninterested, just ignore and look the other way. For those of you who also want to follow along with my personal process, or see if this process will work for you, then welcome. 🙂

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So far these numbers are doing M-F, writing for one hour (I try for an hour, not a word count, but I do like to also hit 1K words at least). I am doing my seven days of writing for each novel, but not writing on Saturday and Sunday. I am doing a creative writing course on the weekend, and by Sunday, I try to just do nuffin.

You can find all in this series, under Writers > Writing Process > Me and My Word Count. Or here.

*For those who don’t know how to average, or have forgotten. To figure average words per day, we take all the numbers in the word count column, add them up, then divide them by the number of days. In this case 10,105 is my total for the week, then I divide that by how many days I wrote which is 7. That gives us 1,444 average words that I wrote per day.

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