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How do I add more Chapters in the CreateSpace (Amazon) Templates with Word?

How do you make more Chapters when you’re using the templates from CreateSpace?

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I’ve noticed a lot of people having problems with the CreateSpace templates and when I went to look for this question, I couldn’t find much information on it, plus it was late and I didn’t care to sift through all the information.

So when I finally figured it out on my own, I thought I would go ahead and let you know how to. But with screenshots! I would try and make it as clear as I could, and the process as simple as I could.

To start, I will say that there isn’t really anything wrong with CS Templates… when you understand how to use them, and you figure out the fixes to do the changes you need. They are Templates. They aren’t meant to be the complete answer to the needs for formatting a book. I changed a lot of the texts, and the customized “styles” that the person who made the template, had in there. To fit my needs for this particular book I’m working on. In my next post about this, I’ll tell you about the font sizing and the line spacing needs. I’m still back and forth on it myself so I want to make sure to get it right before posting about it, but last night, I realized (while I was half awake) that there was a big need for this post, and I would fulfill it! You need the help, I will provide it.

I mean no offense to the people who help with Blogger and with CreateSpace, but honestly, it’s not much help when they haven’t even tried and used the particular templates we need help with, and would rather say, don’t bother with them, use this one I came up with instead! No, no, no. I’m not giving you a template. I’m saying that I am working with the templates that CreateSpace was SO gracious enough to make us (two different versions too!! one blank and one with a lot of customized {not that you can’t change it thought} and already formatted title headings and such) templates for FREE. I think, as a writer, you have enough hard work you’re doing. Making templates isn’t something else I want to do. Don’t know about you, but not my idea of fun.

So enough of that. Get to the tutorial. This is how to add in MORE Chapters to the premade templates CreateSpace gives you. The template I happen to have chosen is the “5.5 x 8.5 formatted template.” I will purposely OVER explain things for you, that way in case you need it, you should find all your questions answered, but still feel free to ask.

IMPORTANT: Make a copy of the template before you use it. Don’t use the one you download. That way, you’ll have another one “just-in-case.” You can obviously download a new one at any time, but this way is just easier. That way you always have the one you’re working on.

Advanced method after all the pictures.


(Click on any of the pictures to get a bigger version to look at if you need to.)

From your Home screen on the Word program (the version I use now is Word 2010), find the tab which says, “Page Layout.” Click it.


This is to find out where the button you’ll be needing is. You’re looking for the “breaks” button/link. Don’t click it yet. Just remember that button.


Now go down into your template and highlight ALL of the text for the Last Chapter. In my case, it’s Chapter Ten. I think that’s all they give you in the original templates. Highlight everything down to the paragraph return (or called hard return/paragraph break–I combine them lol) characters (looks like the pic below, just a backwards P, in case you don’t know what I’m referring to). It will look just like the image below within the red circle. (Highlight by holding down the left mouse button and scrolling cursor over everything–in case some don’t know how.)

Once everything is highlighted, hold down the keyboard button “Ctrl” and then press “C” to copy all of the text that is highlighted. You can also click your right mouse button and scroll down to “copy” and click that to copy. Now all that text, including the formatting marks, are copied into your clipboard. You’ll need that information in step six.

(Note: If something happens when you paste later and nothing pastes right, just repeat this step. Or if things don’t paste right, don’t panic, click “Ctrl” and the “Z” on the keyboard to “Undo” the most recent change to the document. Or click the left mouse button and click “undo.”)

Copy is CTRL + C not CTRL + A (this is Select all and not what you want) like is written. Big time error there.


Now put your mouse cursor right at the end of the last chapter (i.e. chapter ten in this case) right after even the last paragraph break character. Where the black arrow is in the picture. Click the mouse right after the last paragraph return on the right-hand side so that your cursor is sitting there.


Now go back to the earlier “Breaks” link/button on your toolbar and click it so it opens the drop down menu. Then find the highlighted area, which says exactly what you need. It will give you a section break, and new page, which ISN’T the same as a “page break.” You want the “section break.” Click it. You’ll see the picture in Step Five. It will give you a whole new page and section break at the end of that one, already fixed and ready to go for your copied text which is still sitting on your clipboard if you haven’t done anything else.



Almost done! Now this is just a shot to show what you end up with. A whole new page placed into your document and says “section break” with your little :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: lines. If you’re seeing this screen, proceed to step six.


Now, find the very beginning of the line for your section break, which I’ve circled in red below. Where your black arrow is pointing, click your mouse cursor to place the blinking text cursor there. Right at the front of it. Click to place cursor there. Yes, I just repeated that.

Now remember the copied text? Now click the keyboard button “Ctrl” and hold it down when you press “V” which will paste ALL that information into your new page, and insert more pages as it needs too. Or, you can click your left mouse button and click “paste.” You will see all of your previous chapter (Chapter Ten in this case) pasted into the document, giving you one full completely new [and extra] chapter into your template.



Here is the screen you’ll see now. Everything pasted into it. If you’re seeing this, congratulations!! If not, go back and do the steps again. But make SURE you’re really seeing a new chapter. It’s hard to discern, which is why I work with the document zoomed out. Otherwise it gets confusing.

You can see, there are two Chapter Twenty’s in my case (I’ve already done a lot more when I made this tutorial so don’t get confused by the text saying “chapter ten text here” I didn’t bother altering that much when I copied {my formatting on the titles is to my document, that’s not how they look when you get the template, and I’ve added an extra paragraph break between the title and the text start so copying and pasting looks slightly different}). That’s how you’ll know you’ve done it right, besides having the page numbers increase obviously.



You’re done if you see two duplicate chapters. Now you can copy and paste your book once more. Go back and perform the steps as many times as you need, for as many more chapters as you need. You don’t have to highlight and copy the text anymore. One time of copying the text, and it will stay in the clipboard so that you can paste it as many times as you need to after. Just start from Step Three and continue. Exactly the steps previous. This inserts one full new chapter into your document. I’ve still got about forty to go.


Congratulations if you’ve made it this far without problems!! If not, feel free to ask anything you’re confused over!

ADVANCED METHOD: When you’ve gotten good at the above, you can start from Step Three, and just click on the “Section break” button, then “Ctrl” plus “C” to copy the info, then go back and put your cursor at the end of the Chapter Break as in Step Three, then click “Section break” and click “Ctrl” plus “V” and then again, and again, doing the above. Quickest method to making chapter after chapter after chapter. 🙂 It’s the method I use.

ANOTHER ADVANCED METHOD: This is the method I use. When you get used to doing the above, and becoming familiar with even doing the Advanced Method above, feel free to highlight five chapters worth of information. I tried ten, but if you mess up, you really end up with a mess. And using five chapters, will actually allow you not only to get more done quickly, but the ability to fix issues quicker.

I’ll try to make more tutorials about this, otherwise you can request some, or did you get confused about something in this?

What’s your question? 


I will try to make some more of these soon, including formatting the template for personal usage and how to actually place your text into the already formatted template.

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    • Yes. If you mean change the chapter ten to chapter eleven, then twelve, etc. I usually do that step before copying and pasting the document into the new paperback file. Otherwise seeing that Chapter Ten just messes with my tired brain.


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