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Dean Koontz – Hideaway

I grabbed this book to read from my pile that I have owned for a long time. I once splurged and went a bit crazy with that paperbacks at $0.01 and then just a few bucks shipping. I used it to stock up on Dean Koontz and Stephen King books. Hideaway was an older book, but I thought I’d either read it again, or read it for the first time. I found out that this fairly mimics the movie Hideaway that I watched when I was a teenager. I had a huge thing for Jeremy Sisto and Jeff Goldblum (still do–really love their tone of voice) so that was really why I checked out the movie, admittedly. I’ve also always had a huge attraction to anything horror related.

This book was remarkably similar to the movie, but of course not. Like Regina is a little girl in the book, and a teen in the movie (Alicia Silverstone). So there were differences as there usually are, but it was a great book to read. I can’t say it was too “thriller-like” for me only because having seen the movie, and having the book follow many of the same paths, I wasn’t as deep into the book as I may have been otherwise.

But as a thriller, and a bit of a horror, this is a great book to check out.

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