Dragon’s Dawn A. H. Browne free download

Dragon’s Dawn by A.H. Browne.

Are you looking for a free download of Dragon’s Dawn?

Years ago, I changed my pen name because another author was using that name, and I wanted a fresh start. A fresh start because I finally found an editor who would take a chance on me, and I moved from writing as a hobby and for fun, into trying to do it for a business, and become a professional about it. Maybe a lot of those readers will find this post also to find the name. I’d advertised the change for a year, but many still lost me.

So I used my full name on books, versus the abbreviation in hopes that I could use just the one name to encompass everything I did. When I did, I pulled all the books under my previous name (at the time, the first Dark Illusions was up, Dragon’s Dawn, and Always Consequences I believe), then one by one I uploaded them after they got an overhaul (edit with my new editor, new cover).

Dragon’s Dawn was the book that needed the most work, and it got thrown on the back burner because I knew I had made so many mistakes when I wrote it that I had to redo the entire sucker. Little did I know so many people wanted it back, or that so many actually loved it. I made those mistakes because I was just starting out and I had learned many bad writing habits that I am trying to correct. To the average person, the book may not come across as bad as it does to me.

As I write this (March 2015), I am in the process of going over the book, cringing a lot, smacking head into palm, shaking my head and rolling my eyes. As it is written, I think it’s boring. The action is buried under writing that (to me) just takes away from it. The STORY wasn’t fully developed so it’s lacking in many ways, and (again, to me) it’s a skeleton of what it could be.

had to learn the hard way that this was a book that wasn’t ready for public viewing. For those who read it and loved it anyway, you have no idea how much I appreciate that you did. I did love it, and the story at the heart is a good one, but it needs major chiseling to bring out that diamond.

The point being that I will be redoing everything about Dragon’s Dawn. Including the name. There is a part two already written, and the way part two ended, there could be a third too.

Kora had a very interesting path she took. As well as Max and Michael. Note that some character names may change as well. I wasn’t good at choosing random names apparently, haha.

I hope people who search for the book will find this post. If you do, and you read this, let me know in the comments so I know you are out there. The book shouldn’t be available, but if you do want to read the original manuscript, just drop a comment below, and I am happy to give you a free eBook version since I do still have the original that was published. Please be aware that there are too many viruses out there that can infect your reader. I’d rather give you the book than you get a device infected.

If you want to be on the list for when the re-release takes place, again, let me know. If there are enough people, I may just start a private list for that book alone and that list may just receive that first edition for free. The revamped, renewed, rewritten edition.

When you do leave a comment below, I would love to hear if you had any remaining questions after reading, or thoughts on where the story may go.

Below were the last covers the book may have had.




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For beginning writers out there who follow me, I would also love to know you’re reading this because I am thinking of using this book as a teaching moment. You can see the original MS, the redone MS, and I will show and tell with exactly what I did wrong, why it was, what I did to fix, and every step I take.

2 Replies to “Dragon’s Dawn A. H. Browne free download”

  1. I have just finished reading Dragon’s Dawn (I got it from Kobo a while back and just now got around to reading it). I loved the story and I am looking forward to reading more about Kora and Max. Glad to hear there is another story and possibly a third.


    1. Now that is some amazing timing on both our parts, Rebecca. Thank you for the comment. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it, and are looking forward to more.

      Were there any questions left unanswered for you?


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