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I have settled on a name for my new baby muse, and I think it fits her too well.


I am nearly 100% positive that she is a female now because Khaleesi has white rings around her nostrils, which is the top of her cere. The cere being the part that surrounds the top of the nose. In baby parakeets/budgies it is pink, and as they get older the color can change, but for a female, it is always white around those nostrils. I remember Zeva having the same color cere that Khaleesi now has so it’s definitely a girl. She’s testing her vocal patterns out. It’s been a week since we’ve had her and I have to tell you it’s still so shocking that not every little thing will scare her.

Very few things scare her in reality. I think the biggest is just that she doesn’t know to be scared. With the woman who had Zeva, and even the people who had Jax, they never taught them that people weren’t to be feared so also from the abuse they both went through, Zeva especially, all she knew was fear. Well, Khaleesi hasn’t learned that. So with her, I can walk around the cage at odd moments, do strange things with objects she isn’t aware of, and it’s not that big of deal.

The first time she ever encountered me using my electric toothbrush came last night and at first she hopped about and screeched, then a second later I moved so she could see me using it, and then I walked past her cage, and once she’d seen my using it, she was all, okay, not a big deal. So it’s now to her, nothing. I love that she is fearless and so smart at such a young age.

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