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Ugh. Tired Scene from Hope. Reworking.

Here is the sort of thing that bores me to read, which means it’s getting a complete overhaul. I know you’d be bored to read this. It’s not necessary for me to go on and on about the living room (not important to the STORY), let alone mention a window being electrified when Hope stood against the one in her room in one scene, and she didn’t get hurt. Boring. And horrible.


Vandren moved her into the living room of Darrok’s home, attaching a different sort of chain on her. The chain was as thin as filament, but when she grabbed it and tried to tug it, it cut her skin and she hissed, letting it drop to the ground.

Thin, but powerful.

Clean and practically bare, Darrok had no use for too much furniture in the living room. The chain allowed her to move from the couch and into the immediate hallway. A locked door to the side remained shut to his office.

The entire front part of the living room was solid glass, but that was no escape. Though it seemed like regular glass, she doubted she could break it. If she did, the drop alone may kill her. This was the tallest building in the city, practically touching the sky. She had never dared to try falling from a building to see if she could survive. She sure wouldn’t start trying now. There had to be another way.

The window in her room was electrified, she didn’t doubt the one in the living room was as well. When she pressed too long into the window, hoping to shatter the glass, a vibration warned her of punishment to come. Then a split second later, before she could move, pain sizzled through her palms. Darrok had somehow electrified the glass in his building.

The chain had already proved uncooperative anyway. If she could make it through the window, she would end up hanging in midair. Then Darrok would use that ridiculous shock collar against her. The one he continued to keep on her as if she was some sort of pet. It may appear nothing more than a necklace, but to her, it felt like a steel bar wrapped around her goddamn neck.

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