#QuestionoftheDay – What is something you find difficult?

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Published by Kim Iverson

I'm me & you're you. I like deep conversations & meaningful interaction. Goofy & nerdy people are my jam. Multi-Genre Published Author. Publish - every 3 months-ish. Blogger who psycho analyzes my characters, discusses story creation, and dogs. http://kimberlysueiverson.com is my home online. #writer #blogger #author

2 thoughts on “#QuestionoftheDay – What is something you find difficult?

  1. Finding the perfect time to work on my book, I swear when an amazing idea hits me, I am never home or anywhere near my phone/computer.


    1. Learn to have a notebook or some other sort of “writing” thing with you at all times. I get those damn ideas when I wake up, or before I go to sleep, sometimes when doing dishes. I will run through the house and jot something down to not forget, haha. Then later I transfer to a bigger notebook. It’s helpful!


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