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Be Your Own Valentine

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M. Schulz

 The month of February can make you see red. Not just because you are probably still paying off the Chia pet you bought your Uncle Richie for Christmas in your monthly credit card statement, but because you really have no choice but to see red every time you walk in the door of your local drug store chains and are faced with a barrage of heart shaped boxes of chocolates, roses and giant stuffed teddy bears …..

……along with reminders that you might not have any “special someone” to celebrate  this Valentine’s Day with. 

Now is it YOUR FAULT that during the month of January while you were hidden beneath so many layers of clothing, scarves and hats that some oblivious guy was unable to recognize just how positively SCRUMPTIOUS you really are? Or that over the holidays that cute girl you always see at the coffee machine was more interested in making that guy in accounting’s jingle bells rock, than yours?


Sometimes I think Cupid is in dire need of some glasses (or if he is feeling vain, maybe some LASIK Eye surgery) so perhaps he could start shooting some arrows straight in the RIGHT direction to those who could use a little romance in their lives. But alas….unless Cupid decides to squeeze in a quick appointment with his eye doctor in between dropping roses and lace trimmed hearts all over all of the lovey dovey, gooey eyed, smoochy woochy couples in the world….IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! (At least in time for this Valentine’s Day, anyway.)

So just WHERE does that leave you?

I suppose you can walk around with a scowl, all grumpy and stuff, as you watch the bluebirds of happiness fly in little circles over the heads of those sickenly sweet couples walking hand in hand…..but do you really think that’s going to make things better?  The truth is it will do nothing but make you feel even WORSE.  But what can you do when you don’t have someone to be your Valentine on Valentine’s Day?

It’s simple! Be your OWN Valentine!

I know, I know…..right about now you’re scratching your head while you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “What is she talking about?? Is her Elvira wig on a bit too tight?”

(actually that thing stretches out to be quite comfortable after you wear it a few times…but where was I?)

Oh yes, I remember! (Thank you, Ginkgo Biloba) I was talking about being your own Valentine. The general concept of this day is to celebrate love. Although the romantic sort of love is what usually comes to mind first, there are many kinds of love…and they all deserve to be recognized and celebrated. Tell your parents how much you love them (they will ALWAYS appreciate you telling them). Bake some cookies with your kids. Let your best friend know how you could never do without them. Buy a new cat nip mouse and some treats for your cat, Snickernoodles. And then once you’ve done all that…. do something nice for yourself.

Get a massage, or a mani/pedi. If that’s not your thing, then go see that movie you’ve been hearing about, or buy yourself flowers or even that bracelet you’ve had your eye on. Or if you really just want to spend all day cuddled up on the couch in your PJ’s watching Downton Abbey and eating Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream….GO FOR IT! Make this a day to celebrate and do what makes you happy and what will make your heart sing.  The point is…..DON’T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY OR FEEL LOVED….especially when you can DO IT YOURSELF! You deserve to feel that way EVERY day of the year, not just on this one day….but you gotta start somewhere.

So why waste this perfectly good Valentine’s Day moping around. Tell Cupid where he can put his arrows and make this day your very own!


Valentine’s Day can be quite challenging for some people in a lot of ways…..especially for men! While women usually don’t have much trouble when it comes to shopping and buying things for the special people in their lives…. men are quite often a different story. Now who would be more perfect help to advise guys as to what women like than everybody’s favorite sweet little dish, ELVIRA! Here is my latest video tribute to the Mistress of the Dark, “An Elvira Valentine”.

Until next time…..ta ta and toodles!

~Tracie Dee

4 responses to “Be Your Own Valentine”

  1. I hope I don’t give myself a box of chocolates. I already gave myself some circus peanuts and I ate the whole bag!!! LOL


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