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Piddling wif meh hair

This morning I did a test strand with another highlighting kit that I have, and I noticed that the two hair colors that I used in the past year (brown/black about 9-10 months ago, then a temporary darkest brown a little over 3 months ago) have left the last two inches of my hair. I know this because when I did my test strand with the bleach, it gradually fades from a red copper brown color to a very light blond, lol. I find it funny.

AND interestingly, I kinda like this method of doing highlights. I am thinking I may in fact, just take gradual amounts of bleach and highlight bits of hair here and there. Instead of one big highlight on the entire head. Then none of the highlights will start at the same place on the head, and I can go over some later on to turn them more blonde, and the other highlights can be left the reddish color. Without much effort, I have the multi color (red and blonde) highlights that I wanted to try out for a while. Win-win!

I will try and get a photo of it as soon as I’m capable. I don’t have the best cameras and every time that I darn well try to get a shot, the colors are off. Grr. I usually share through Instagram (arianahbrowning) first anyway, so if you’re following me there, you may see one popsie up. 🙂

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