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Outlining leads to discoveries #amoutlining #amwriting

It’s interesting what happens when I outline. I’ve been working with the outlines for all my books lately, going through them, refreshing the brain. Reminding myself where I want to take the stories and such.

I was working with the outline for Ellie and Haley (they will be connected), and I discovered something that may lead to a third book in the series. I’m quite surprised by that, but interested as well. At the start, I only thought I would be writing two books. Two separate books. Well, now it seems that I am going to have the two connected. So today, when an idea hit me and the brain said, “third book,” I paused and said well, hello.

This is how I talk to myself. Well, hello there.

I’m interested to find out more. I shall keep you updated!

Back to editing. Mwah!

2 replies on “Outlining leads to discoveries #amoutlining #amwriting”

I completely agree. I never write without an outline, except for when I do songs or poems. An outline enables you to flesh out the beginning and the end, and to shape all the points in between to get the story from the start to the finish.


Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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