Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Little miss #alchemist, putting her foot in her mouth.

I put in a good day of writing for half an hour or so of work. I was a bit slow, couldn’t really figure out how to write stuff, so I went with the “every first draft is crap,” idea and just wrote. I’m sure most of it will get changed. And I met my minimum quota of 1K words, so that’s good. I did 1049 words, which puts me at 33,139 for Cody the alchemist novel, so far.

I think Cody finds herself attracted to the man (Guerin) she hates, and there is something about him, and the way he looks at her that she can’t put her finger on. But if she didn’t know better, the man felt the same amount of attraction.

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