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Playing with my hair again and some #TBT

Before I took my shower last night, I thought I would try out the L’oreal Frost and Design (never used that one before) Highlighting Kit, and do a test strand. It’s been about 4 months since using the L’oreal Darkest Brown Semi Perm #3 Espresso, and about 9 months since using the Revlon Colorsilk Black Brown. It’s hard for me to tell which part of my hair is natural and which is holding the colors. I know my roots are about 1-2″ of natural color. With my test strand, I found where the natural color meets the dye now (I tried not to put bleach up there, but underestimated how long my roots where at this point), and apparently the dye has faded from the last 2 inches of my hair, but everything between that is the dye still holding on so I got this interesting red to blonde action on my test strand, which is cool. BUT these highlights in the image (vibrant copper red) are how far down I can get with the first highlighting. I like it! I’m a bit more dark chocolate than the hair shown in the image, but more of my natural red tone is coming through in the sun. This picture is a good guesstimate of what my highlights will look like whenever I can do them. Good color.

I’m not sure what I’m headed for. I would love to get to my natural youth color for a bit, I think. Which is below. It’s interesting to note that when I look at the hair that my mom saved from when I was young, and got it cut? I had natural blonde streaks. I mean contrasting blonde against the below color. Just like my Barbie had, haha.

*for those curious, the dog’s name was “Teela,” and she was a huge Alaskan Malamute who loved to knock me down, haha. Surprised I grew up with such an affinity for dogs. I used to think she was SO big, and was a bit scared of her because of her exuberance.




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