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He is a full-time job #dog

I am of course talking about Cruz, one of our Shih Tzus. He was neutered last Monday, which means restrict activity for one week.

Well, this boy didn’t earn the nickname Energizer Bunny for nothing. And now he has this thing where he does his best to avoid using the bathroom. Why, you ask? Because that requires standing up! He can walk just fine, stand just fine, use the bathroom just fine. His issue is dealing with the scrotum swelling that older dogs sometimes get. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s painful.

So as far as Cruz is concerned, there is no reason to do anything unless he absolutely has to. Which means holding it as long as he possibly can. At night it means kicking me in bed because he has to poo poo and does not want to. In the morning and afternoon it means grumble whine grumble whine hop around, lay on the paper (too wet for him to go out and keep wound clean), grumble whine scoot bottom, beg self to hoooooooollllddd it.

Then he loses the battle and goes.

Have I mentioned it’s funny, and cute, when he sits and looks at me like I’m supposed to help with the problem? You know, since I take care of the rest of his issues.

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