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Hope of the Future #excerpt #teaser

HOPE OF THE FUTURE excerpt for you while I edit. This book is going slow. The publishing date has pushed back a month, and I am just hoping I get the time to dedicate to the editing so I can get it out by January. Too many medical issues happening around this house, which aren’t leaving me the proper time to focus on edits.

“Remember . . .” she wheezed, “disease. . . .”

Scar face stared at the blood that dribbled onto his hand. What she said struck him in the stomach. He snatched his hand away faster than the speed of light, and stepped back, his mouth slack. An eyebrow rose.

“You’re just saying that.” Drew’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t seem to believe his own words. “They wouldn’t pay so much for a woman with a disease.”

“And yet, maybe that’s why I’m worth so much. You’re an idiot if you think they would tell you the truth. Maybe I broke someone’s heart and they are hell bent on revenge.”

He snorted. “Previous comment repeated. You’re one stupid whore, you think I’ll listen a word outta that mouth. We got plenty of time on our side, princess. All my men been doin’ reeaall fine jobs. It’s time they have fun. And you’re gonna give it.”


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