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They only have the power you give them

I am the wrong person to dump on. I used to feel responsible for EVERYTHING because of the blame that individuals in my life put on me. They made it a point to blame me for every single thing that went wrong, and still do. So I felt shame over everything and anything I did. I still do admittedly suffer from the leftovers of that, more days than I should.

But the thing is? It may fester for a bit. It may hurt for a moment. It may even work and fill me with shame because of how deep that abuse went. BUT the difference is in the individual who no longer allows things like that to define her.

I am the wrong person to dump on, and I want you to make sure you are too, because THEIR issues don’t define YOU. Feel that pain that initially hits, then simply ignore, walk away, and let the rotten icky STUFF simply go on its merry way. Take a deep breath, release the bad, feel the good.

I am the wrong person to ever dump on because nobody has that sort of power to make me feel like slime for long anymore. It’s just not worth it. There are so many good things to enjoy and feel blessed about. Don’t let others’ pain to drag you down.

3 responses to “They only have the power you give them”

  1. Wow, that hit close to home. Those of us who are nurturers tend to do & do for others then they will say or do something and show just how little (if at all) they appreciated what we did or went without for them. Its not fair! Yet the cycle goes round & round & the nurturer is the one who is abused and/or hurt. It’s hard to stop trying to be responsible for and care for others especially loved ones. Sadly they are the ones that hurt & use use the most.

    I don’t reply often enough to your ‘newsletter’ but I do read it.

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