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  1. Going on Class Fieldtrips to Giants' Football Practice and Meeting Two Players. Former, NY Giants and Superbowl Winners: Howard Cross, and Ottis Anderson. Another, Field Trip was to Trenton, New Jersey. That's where we met: Governor, Christine Wittman. This All Happened during, My High School Years.


  2. Party Lines on your phone…which were sort of the first "conference calls", though unintentional. You would listen for your home's ring – a little like Morse code, short and long rings would signal whether it was your call or not. But if you picked up the phone at any time, you could hear the conversations going on, regardless of whether they were for you or not. A bit like NSA only, unlike today, you usually knew if someone was listening in.


  3. That's a good one. Friends and I have discussed schools no longer teaching cursive and wondering if anyone will be able to read it later on. Nuts.


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