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Lucy’s blanket is done

I finished the blanket I was working on for our little Shih Tzu, Lucy. She’s the littlest of the bunch, and has never gotten bigger than 9 lbs. (You wouldn’t think it by the way she eats. I don’t know where she puts it all!)

I posted a picture some days ago on Instagram, but though I’d done about ten rows, I pulled it apart, and restarted. I noticed that the blanket wasn’t as thick and fluffy as I wanted it. I did this by the finger crochet method. (I’ll add a video below to show you.) Which means using your fingers as your crochet hook. I love the way it turns out, but using one length of thread ends up in a thin blanket, unless it’s thick yarn (like the purple I used for the second part). The multicolored yarn that I used below in the beginning, wasn’t very thick. So I took the entire blanket apart, then pulled the entire thing of yarn apart, found the middle, cut, rolled it up into two balls, then stuck it in two large Parmesan cheese containers. So I could use two lengths, instead of one.

I typically used a butter container (large or small), but I found the Parmesan cheese containers and noticed the holed side at the top, which was PERFECT to thread some thread through. When I put the project aside, I can close the top on the yarn, and it holds it in place. You know . . . so if you have little goblins who steal your work (Kona!), the yarn doesn’t go all over the place.

This is the main part. It’s hard to get the blanket to lie evenly when I combined a few different methods. It looks awkward because I pulled it apart to show the stitches better. Part of the blanket has the regular crochet look, then I did a wider stitch to make the edges, and some places with extra detail. I ran out of the multicolored yarn, so grabbed a purple yarn that looks good with it. Didn’t have any lighter colors, but a blue, and brother chose the purple for his girl. (Yes, I asked him which Lucy should have.)


This shows the detail a bit more along the edges. I added some fringe bits. Because . . . cute.


Perfect size for a niblet. Very warm. The model showing her blanket. I’m thinking of doing another with a white, soft pink, and soft blue yarn I have. I have enough for a bit larger blanket. Might be for Amber, or I’ll sell it. Dunno.


Here is the video I found years back, to learn this method.

Found another video that looks interesting, so I’m going to add it to this post. Similar thing, but using your arm, instead. (I don’t like the choice of yarn, but I’d imagine this would make a great thick quilt/blanket/comforter style of blanket.)


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