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Hope of the Future Symbols

I could use your help. I was going to just share this image that I made. This was my inspiration for the symbols of power in Hope of the Future, but now I think I need one more. I have no clue what it should be.

The positions of power include:
Leader (of everything)

Amaranthine Guards – they are the fiercest and best, which are usually the closest to the Leader

Amaranthine Soldiers – these guys are below the Guards, and the ones who want to be a Guard, but are still major players, and the brunt of the force. The Amaranthine Guard and Soldier positions would be like the military personnel who serve the rest to protect them, carry out orders, etc.

And finally I have The Associates. The Associates are the second level of power, beneath the Leader. Like the Vice President to the President, in many ways.

Well, if you look at my image, I have the Leader’s mark. Amaranthine Soldier and The Associates. But I no havie a symbol for the Guards! Well now that cannot be good. I need a specific one for them. When I made this image, I think what I had in mind was to have the Guard and Soldier interchangeable, but as I wrote, and am now editing, I realize they are a solid entity, but I needed to separate the higher Guards, from the Soldiers. That way when someone says, “Guard,” it is very clear that they are more important than a, “Soldier,” is. So we need a symbol worthy of them.

What symbol (shape/quick image) could be used on top of the red and black pentagram for the Amaranthine Guard, and where shall it be worn?

Placement for Leader’s tat is anywhere he likes that can remain hidden.

Placement for Soldier’s tat is on top of hand (back of hand).

Placement for The Associates tat is their upper arm. Then they too, can hide it, but not as well.

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