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#ArianasWriting – Ellie

Time to catch in with Ellie, being it is the furthest behind. Which isn’t by much. We left her at the arena, watching Stone in the fighting ring. He had just taken down his opponent, and Anox, another fighter, has been eyeing Ellie a little too close from across the ring. Anox was a fighter who won based on a technicality, and who had fought Stone before. Stone is not happy about Anox getting out of that fight. Stone is responsible for Anox’s burns on his body.

Ellie is noticing something odd about her vitamins. They are getting low, but instead of feeling tired, she is feeling quite . . . different.

What is gonna happen? Revenge? For which?

(Typo fix. Apparently I had a Scooby Doo moment, I wrote it as “righting ring.”)

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