Behind The Scenes

Every little word counts

When a reader reads a book, their gut may or may not like something about the Story. They can’t always put a finger on it, but something may feel off.

Sometimes it’s each word that is used.

When I’m doing my self-editing, I’m going over every single word in a sentence, every single sentence in a paragraph, every paragraph in a chapter, and every chapter in a book.

If even one single word is wrong, it can change everything that I mentioned above. That’s a little crazy if you think about it. Writer’s are craftsman in the same way as a painter, or a sculptor can be. With the painter, if even one color is wrong, it throws off the entire canvas and the mood they were going for. If even one mark is chiseled out of the stone (or whatever medium they are working with) the sculptor uses, the entire piece can go from looking like a beautiful piece of artwork to some weird alien being.

Which is something that even I, as a reader, underappreciate. Every single word in that novel makes a statement. Evokes a feeling. Every word has it’s place, or not.

When you can get lost in a piece of work, it’s because that writer, or the editor behind them, has painstakingly chosen that one correct word for that one sentence, that one paragraph, that one chapter, that one book.

Chosen that one word out of how many words that exist?

Out of all the letters of the alphabet, those group of letters made the cut.

It’s an amazing process when you think about it.


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