Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Welcome to the new home for Check out all the wonderful features, including the new menu design at the top. Those of you familiar with the Ariana Reports site where I feature all my writing, and book information will recognize this theme.

By clicking the contributors name at the bottom of an individual post, you can find all posts that they’ve written. On the homepage, you have access to all sorts of latest posts from Recipes, Images, the Contributors, as well as from random photos and random status updates. If someone recommends a link in their post, then you’ll see that in the bottom right area named, “Links.” Anything Ariana “liked” will show at the very bottom of the page.

Please take note that while everything is in transition, posts may give the wrong author, things may switch back and forth with the original and new site, designs may go and come. By the end of 2014 everything should have leveled out. Thank you for your patience.

We really hope that this new system will help you find what you need, have an easier time commenting, and give way to better viewing on all devices. Have a look around, jump into conversations, and please, let us know if you find a link that doesn’t work. May have been overlooked and with your help, it will get fixed ASAP. 🙂

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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