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#ArianasWriting – Good Morning!

Good morning, everyone. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Just for you, for a good morning treat, here is a but of cuteness. Baby Kendra face. Is it any wonder that her kids all inherited those precious baby faces? Gosh.

Early morning and quiet here, so I’m going to do some reading, then get to some writing. Or the reverse order, more like. I’ve been working on one book for a few days, (writing) to see how that would feel, versus the switch books every day. Not sure that I really enjoy it. I like the variety I get from writing a different book every day. So I’ll focus on the one I am on for this weekend, then go back to working on whichever book is the furthest behind. I enjoy that method the most, I think.

The one I am writing right now is Kennedy’s story. In a bit of an interesting place. I thought that the bad guy of the novel would find a way to get her to come to him. He did, and yet he didn’t. He decided that my method of telling the story wasn’t the method that he wished for, I suppose. Never can tell with those men. He, Ori, has officially showed me that he is a bit of an impatient man. Didn’t like the speed with which I delivered Kennedy to him, so he stepped up and took care of business himself. I wasn’t expecting that.


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