Halloween Tracie Dee

The Elvira Project

“Sometimes you can learn the best lessons in life wearing a low cut black dress, some high heels, and an awesome beehive wig.” – Tracie Dee

My favorite holiday is Halloween. Ever since childhood, there has just always been an attraction for me to have one day a year where you can dress up and transform yourself into anyone or anything you wanted to be….for just a day…. yet have the ability to safely to return to your usual self the day after. I think of it as the safety net of holidays where you can let your freak flag fly free for awhile, yet roll it back up safely and tuck it away when your done.

Oh the possibilities!!!!

I always dressed up for Halloween as a child, and revisited this tradition again as an adult about 10 years ago, to hand out candy to the trick or treaters. (Hey, why should kids have all the fun!)  I usually start to think of Halloween and my costume ideas around August (I guess seeing jack ‘o lanterns and scarecrows mixed in among sunscreen and flip flops on the store shelves can really start to inspire a girl to start thinking of things that go bump in the night). This year, my inspiration actually came from a witch’s costume that I bought half price last year but didn’t use. I decided to go out on a limb and go farther with my Halloween costume and character than I EVER have before….I decided that I was going to go all out and try my hand at being…..ELVIRA, THE MISTRESS OF THE DARK!

Now Elvira is larger than life in a lot of ways, and I’m NOT just talking about her bra size…although I’m sure that is quite impressive, too! I knew if I was going to try and portray her in a way truly deserving of a character like Elvira, it was going to take some work. I wasn’t about to just toss on a wig and low cut black dress and hope for the best! So for two months I did my best to learn and soak in (if you will) all that is Elvira. I watched her videos and interviews on YouTube. I read about her online. I researched how to do her make-up the right way. I worked hard on transforming that ordinary witch’s costume into something “Elvira-worthy”.  I did my best to learn how to act and be Elvira in a way that I felt would do her justice.

Along my journey of what I refer to as “The Elvira Project”, I’ve also learned more about this iconic character then I ever thought I would, beyond just straight up facts and details. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her (in a way, at least) and discovering just why her popularity with her loyal fans has endured for all of these years.

She has an appeal that’s attractive on many levels, besides just her physical beauty. She is funny. She is sweet yet sassy and as down to earth as can be. She makes you feel comfortable and just happy to be around her. In many ways, she is the like the girl next door…..if you happen to live next door to a haunted house that is owned by a family heavily into goth, that is. I can imagine if you just moved to her neighborhood that Elvira would bring you over a cake to welcome you, while apologizing for the boob marks in the icing which occurred while she was reaching across the table.

(Hey, it can happen….and please don’t ask how I know this.)

Elvira proves that we don’t need to take life or ourselves too seriously ALL of the time. She is brave enough to just be herself, regardless of what others might think. She is proud to stand out from the crowd and makes no apologies for being different.

Once you get to know Elvira….you just can’t help but love her.

You know something? I think I want to be Elvira when I grow up! But even if I can’t (Oh, gosh darn it!) I am honored and proud to at least get to be her for a day or two…..or maybe even three (but who’s counting). I think we all might have a little Elvira inside of us…..but we just have to find the courage within ourselves to let her out every once in awhile.

Life lessons learned from a low cut black dress, a pair of high heels and an awesome beehive wig. Who would have ever thought!

“The Elvira Project” has sure been an interesting journey, I tell ya!  For me, half of the fun came from the process it took to take myself from “regular redhead” to “vivacious vamp”. I kept a video diary over the two months that it took to complete the whole process. If you would like to check it out, here it is!

Until next time! Happy haunting! Ta ta and toodles!

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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