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Samples: Dark Illusions Book One, Two, and Three

Sharing an excerpt from Dark Illusions: The Beginning, The Next Chapter, and The Final Chapter.

I’m going to give you an excerpt from all three books, back to back.  Maybe 150-200 words from each. Depending on the context. It’ll be completely random, but no spoilers. I haven’t shared much from Kat and I think we need to hear from her.

Dark Illusions: The Beginning


[ . . . ] Kat found a mausoleum and slept through the next day. Nobody was around and it was comfortable. It was a good place to die. She couldn’t make it any farther anyway. Her body was so dehydrated, she could feel death taking over within. She could no longer stand, so she’d taken a seat against the stone coffin located within.

The full moon shined through the stained glass window in front of her, casting a silver glow over the interior. The stained glass held the mythical phoenix in the center. She thought it was beautiful and fitting, but this phoenix didn’t plan on rising out of any ashes. She closed her eyes, wishing, and waiting for death to take over.


A voice whispered beside her, caressing her with the silken safety net she craved so much. Imagining Julian was there with her in her final moments was nice, but that was another wish she couldn’t have. [. . .]

Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter


[ . . . ] Julian paused. Kat picked up that he didn’t want to proceed further so she popped in with, “Resembling a yin and yang in one. As much as they crave peace, they have no problems enforcing said peace. Much like Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, but they hold control over what side is in charge, and what side needs to be.”

“You have a unique way of explaining things.”

“Why thank you.” She smiled.

He shook his head. “I wasn’t complimenting you.”

Kat laughed. “You know you were. Don’t even act as if you don’t think it’s cute. Serious business can still be lightened up, big guy.” Julian glared at her. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Being serious, you don’t need to fear telling me so much that in your natural state, you’re a vicious beast, Julian. I’ve seen the anger when dancing with my boys, remember?”

Julian clenched his jaw at the words, my boys. Every time she mentioned her clan, he wanted to kill something. Instinctively his fingers curled into a ball. He watched her sweet face, and though he tried to remain serious, she knew she got under his skin. And she was. [ . . . ]

Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter


[ . . . ] Kat stiffened and was about to bitch him out once more. Cara passed him and left the room, closing the door behind her.

The door closed as it always had, yet somehow it reverberated through the entire room, and her nerves. As though the door on a vault had been sealed shut, leaving her vulnerable to Julian, alone with him, helpless to the beast. The walls closed in around her. She felt like the scared little girl Julian first met.

The sound of the door collapsing shut echoed again and again. Or maybe that was her heart.

Kat regarded Julian once more and his aura engulfed her. Sliding through her, spinning around her. Grabbing hold, refusing to allow her room to breathe, to fight. Not that she could.

Kat’s rant left her and she pressed her lips together. She struggled for air. The heat in Julian’s gaze left her trembling. She glanced down at the club again. [. . . spoiler removed . . .]

“I never took you for one to be so fearful, Kat.” Julian’s voice slipped across the room, teasing her senses. She was alone with him and he already held the upper hand. Shit!

Kat slid her attention over to him and tried to play it off to show him she didn’t care, even raising her chin a bit more in defiance. That will show him.

He headed toward her and her attention darted over his shoulder and to the door. Oh God. [ . . . ]


Did you enjoy these samples? Purchase Book One, Book Two, and Book Three at Amazon, or Smashwords.

Leave a comment below, and tell me . . . which one have you read? If you’ve read them all, which is your favorite?

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  1. Hi I loved your book. Couldn’t put it down. Read the whole thing in one day. Totally glued! Soon as I’m able I intend getting the rest. Thanks for a fantastic read 🙂


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