Basic formatting for low prices

If you’re at the point that you just have to format your book so that you can publish it, I can help ya.

I’ve been taking on formatting jobs to earn some extra money to save up for a much needed roof here, as well as a few extra items. I will do basic formatting for any length of book that you have. Typical prices can vary from low to hundreds of dollars with other people. I will do it for the least amount of money I can. Below are my fees.

Basic formatting and low prices does not mean crappy work. I will do the same thing with your book that I do with mine, save for a few minor details. Those are personal differences that I do for my own books. Something not noticed, but I’m willing to take that chance with my book, not your book. I will make your book look professionally done. If you need extra done, you’ll see my charges below for those since they add time to my work.

I’m taking on only one person per week so that 1) I can ensure that I get my own work done, and 2) if something crops up and sets me behind (personally), or the book behind, I can still get it done on schedule for you. It gives us both a buffer zone.

As I do work, I will add the book, and the names of the individuals to the list below. I am asking them for a short review as well, and that will come after the information.

Basic fees for Smashwords and Kindle file

$50 for most novels

$30 for novelettes

$15 for shorts and flash fiction

Extra fees

  • $10    for specialized Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or other retailers. They have different needs than Smashwords and Kindle so it takes more time. If you aren’t aware, Smashwords DOES push your book out to all the major retailers so it’s easier to deal with them, and you won’t need extra formatting done.
  • $10 for a rush job. I will put everything aside and work on your book. Shouldn’t take more than a day or two (depending on length and what is going on here at home) to get it back to you.

NOTE ABOUT FEES: If you’re having a tough time, I’m flexible, and can break payments up in half, or go lower.


One book per week

Current: Schedule is cleared

Payments accepted


I will invoice you from Paypal after I am done. My payment address is the same email I always use:

What is involved and what can you look forward to?

  • When I receive the book, I’ll quickly go over it to see if there are extra issues I have to fix, and then I will email you when I begin work.
  • First is the purge. The purge is copying your work into Notepad to remove all special formatting and anything else. It clears the manuscript of everything but the text.
  • Then I rebuild the book. I add the italic text back in, the bold, and anything else that you may have had done. I will double-check to ensure that whatever you had bold or italic, is fixed. I only change something if I know that Amazon or Smashwords will not approve the book for uploading. Otherwise I try to make the file exactly like what you send me, just formatted for uploading.
    • NOTE: I am not an editor, or anything of that nature, I will not change your work, read your work, review, or edit it. All I am doing is formatting, so if you have problems outside of that, I am not responsible, and responsibility cannot be placed on me for any errors of that nature. You have my word that I will not alter the story and text itself. That is not the job of someone who formats the work for publication.
  • Once I’ve gone through and fixed any problems and rebuilt the book, I’ll add in the front matter and the back matter.
    • NOTE: some authors like to include their website and email to find them, and a personal letter in the back of the book. Maybe a bit about why you wrote the book, or anything you can think of. That’s a personal preference. But if you’re interested, I will include that. It’s not a “have to” so no worries if you don’t want it.
  • Once the above is done, I will build your Table of Contents. I can have it in the front or the back of the book. Your choice.
  • Once Table of Contents is done, I will send you the file to check over. If everything looks right to you, then approve it, and I’ll save the files that you can upload. I name them so you know which one is which. As in, “Upload to Amazon,” and “Upload to Smashwords.”
  • I will email you each night that I finish, just to let you know where I’m at.


Past work done.

Robert Preston’s Beyond the Laurel Patch available on Amazon


Terry Montagne’s The Sojourn

Terry review


Why isn’t it “justified” and can you justify the paragraphs?

The justification is done by the retailer’s system. It may not seem like they will, but open any of their books and you will see what I mean. The paragraphs are justified by them, not us. So when you get the file, it won’t look the exact way it will once uploaded.

Can I get another file?

I can save the file as anything you’d like if you want to have a PDF to send to your Street Team, or friends. If you know how to save a file into a PDF, then take the “Upload to Smashwords” Document, open it, and save as PDF. Works the same.

PDF files work on all eReaders, but I can also convert it with Calibre to work as EPUB (Nook, Apple) or MOBI (Kindle).


Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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