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Beta Readers wanted for: Hope of the Future

I am seeking beta readers for Hope of the Future.

Layla and Margaret, no need to contact me, I still have you on my list, as well as Renee. I will contact you separately. 🙂

If you signed up previously and never got back to me, I will save us both the trouble and ask that you not bother to sign up. You won’t be chosen.

This book is a Science Fiction Fantasy genre, or it can be classified as a Post-Apocalyptic Thriller. I ended up combining two books that I’d written, into this one, so I’m going to need people who can catch plot issues, character issues (example: in the beginning she looks and acts one way, but toward the end she is different, yet not because of growth), and anything else that doesn’t make sense. I can only catch so much.

You don’t have to catch the grammar edits. Commas, misspelled words, etc. You will receive the book at the same time as my editor, so those will be caught by her and I. But if you do spot something and want to let me know, feel free to include that.


  1. Able to read a PDF format.
  2. Ability to get it back to me within a month’s time. Within two weeks would be even better.
  3. Ability to write clear notes.
  4. Ability to be blunt. Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings. I want clarity. Tell me what’s wrong, where I went wrong, and what you think (if you have that idea) should be done to fix. How would it have worked better for you. I may or may not use all the suggestions you give, but I want to hear them all. That’s how great books are written.
Currently this book stands at 95K words. Which is about 348 pages. That’s in Word. I’m nowhere near the time that I will send the book out, but I’m making this list early to give people time to sign up, and be considered.

Comment below, or email me at


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