Behind The Scenes Cody

#ArianasWriting – Colbie Caillat – Try – #Inspirational

I have been bad about updating this, I am aware.

Updated all my word counts. I’m really loving this Cody story. Starting to think of new ways to take the story, which I’m enjoying. I like the idea of a female Jekyl/Hyde thing, but she’s not just a scientist, but an alchemist. Interesting. Love it!

Today Cody started a notebook. She has blanked out 3 times in 36 hours. She has no idea why. So she started a journal. This is one of her entries so far.

Second: After storms started, and I boarded the ship, I woke up in “my” (I use the term loosely) apartment. Carter was here with his dad, Guerin. They found me passed out in the maintenance room. Headache, fingers injured. Those came from me being an idiot and running around this ship. Something had compelled me though. What? (Note: find out)


What do you think?
Truly love this song below. So great that someone with Colbie’s influence, puts this out there.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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