Behind The Scenes Dark Illusions

Dark Illusions – Kat’s Dress in The Final Chapter

Added a pin to the board, check out the dress I had in mind when I wrote Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter scene where Kat wears a dress just to screw with Julian’s head.

You know the one . . . where he screwed with her mind, instead? Mhm.

When it began:

[…]one of her glamorous white halter styled dresses that hugged her like a dream, with a rhinestone pattern belt around her waist to draw the eye. The back was void of fabric, and her bare skin showed all the way down to her waist. The skirt was loose so the fabric flowed when she moved with her smooth cat-like moves. When she walked out of the bathroom, Sean’s jaw dropped, which made her smile. The one dress she didn’t like to wear because she felt like a Goddess walking around in it[…]

Julian’s reaction – […]Before she turned away from that expression, Kat caught the way Julian’s eyes lit up as his attention lowered to her dress. “Trying to ignore me won’t work, Kat.” Kat flicked narrowed eyes to Julian, but his attention remained on her body. She cleared her throat and his gaze traveled achingly slow upward. He met her gaze and captured her for a moment before turning to Cara. “Cara, leave.”[…]

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