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#KimsWriting – Haley


Did a bunch of writing this weekend. Some on some flash fiction I’m working on for my studies, then some editing, and also a bunch of writing in one of my latest novels. That one is the one titled Haley in my writing progress bars. Here is a draft excerpt for you. Remember that this is a draft. That means that this entire thing will change by the time it’s published. I tend to add very little detail in my first draft (more interested in speed and getting the story out than details I’ve found). I have also found that when I write the first drafts, the books usually have boring words more. I add the great bits later, lol.


Haley stumbled backward a few stepsand his speed increased again. Oh my god, they can move fast, was her last thought before she spun around and took off. The woman right on his heels and others clambered to their feet behind them. They knew how to hunt, and they knew this prey was faster.

She had no idea where to go. Her fate was the same as her dog if they caught her. That was what she did know.

Haley grabbed the corner of a door and used the motion to propel herself around the corner and into another room. Then another, and another. She forgot which way she came in, which way was out, which way was safe. The sounds of grunts and growls behind her kept her feet moving. They were going to catch her. They were going to catch her and they were going to kill her, then eat her. Maybe they would eat her before she was dead.

Everything ran into a blur under the tears streaming from her eyes. Her body was already weak. She wasn’t going to get away, she had no more energy.

Then she slammed into a door to burst into another room and the door didn’t move. Her shoulder screamed in pain, the sounds of the people coming behind her grew louder. Haley’s heart pounded in her chest, her breathing caught.

They found her.


Oooo what do you think? What’s gonna happen to her?

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