Help me choose a title for 1st in Werewolf series

So I began editing the first in the werewolf (see? never know if I should add a capital to it or not) series last week. Or I’m at the third edit, which is inputting all the edits I marked up on my physical copy, into the digital copy. Not sure how long it will take. Too many pet issues and such these past few months.

I thought I would ask your help in regard to the name. I can’t make a cover until I have a good idea on the name. That’s where you come in.

You helped me name Dark Illusions and I’ve had many people compliment me. Which means how awesome are you at choosing great names?!

Lycan Ridge is the name I had for the book, but you can vote below. I would love your help! Choose what grabs your attention. That’s it! Let me know why you chose that name. That’s always helpful as well. You don’t need to do that part, but it would help loads.

If you offer a vote, leave a comment below (you can use the Facebook system) so I have your name, and I’ll add your it to the acknowledgements in the book!

Lycan Ridge

Lycan Creed

The Laws of Darkness

Moon Ridge

Alpha Law

Dark Creed

Steel Desires

Wolf Ridge

Secrets of the Wild

Wild Steel

Wild Secrets

Steel Secrets

Spirits of the Past


And thank you to the most brilliant people ever to walk this planet. That is so not overkill, you shush.

(If you want to participate on the Facebook post, that link is here –

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