Goblin Care 101

Cheyenne’s turn

Today Cheyenne goes to the vet (about 2 hours from now). So we get to see what the big swollen lump on her shoulder is caused by. I’m crossing fingers that it has nothing to do with cancer, or anything of that nature. Luckily Kendra’s test came back clean. Her surgical scar from the spay has already sealed and she’s doing good.

Cheyenne’s lump was big enough that it burst Saturday morning (I think mainly because Cruz wouldn’t stop licking it) so I’ve been keeping it clean and dry, spraying with some antiseptic, then wrapping her with a bandage. I check it once every few hours, trying to keep Cruz away. I’m hoping she just needs it lanced and some meds. Never can relax when one of them is suffering. 😦 She’s such a little sweet lady, I hate to see her with a boo boo. I know it bothers her, but she’s being her typical sweet solemn little self and not showing it until I have to check the bump for more leakage.


Our little show girl.


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