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Morning after

Wake up this morning to find out that I was so frazzled trying to get everything done to prepare for Kendra coming home, that when I wrote my prompt post and prepared it to go out today, I apparently didn’t get around to double-checking the title itself. haha Going through the emails this morning to see that it had said, “Ariana’s Cage Prompt.”

Yup, that’s what it’s called all right. Goodness.


I tokeeteraftersurgeryok this photo this morning while I was going about my bidness, trying to deal with some me things for a second. She looked too cute (and pathetic all rolled into one.)

For those who don’t know, we took her in to get spayed yesterday, but Kendra had also developed a bump near one of her breasts near the end of her last heat a few weeks ago. The vet took it out when he did the spaying, then sent off the lump to get tested for cancer. Crossing our fingers the results come up clean. I have to be careful how I hold her since that side holds the place her lump was removed.

It’s quite a workout to carry her around, but the vet was adamant that for these first 24 hours, she is to do as little walking as possible, because of all the work she has had done, and the way he stitched her back up (the wounds were so well done that the scars already look two days or more old).

It’s okay for her anyway because I lay her down where I’m at, but when she tries to move an inch or two, she’s still so out of it that she can’t move but one or two steps before she kerplunks (professional term).  I put the outfit on her in the middle of the night because she woke me up wanting to lay on the floor (upper 80’s here) to cool off, but then wanted to lick the scar so to help us both sleep, the outfit went on. Neither of us slept much, or well, last night. I was half alert all night to make sure she didn’t try to jump on or off of the bed without me there to put her up or down. (She’s VERY stubborn, even while drugged lemme tell ya.)

Today I’m going to be trying to do some writing on one of my books (whichever is at the least word count me thinks), then some editing (have to get going on the first book in my Werewolf series–I always go back and forth, should I capitalize that, should I not? These are the important life questions one must ask.) I have to fix that darn tookus menu on because I don’t know about anyone else, but the responsive menu isn’t working on my tablet. Grbls is what I say.

My brain quit. I zoned out for a few minutes.

So for now Kendra is doing well. I’m happy about that. When we had taken our last in–Kaley–she had a very hard time. Anyone who follows me will have seen her images. She had to have two (or was it three?) follow up surgery’s done after her spay. The first person who worked on her did a horrific job, then the next had to open and fix, and yes, the third was for removal of some stitches that she reacted to. Poor baby. Gets to me when one of them hurts.

So today I’m working on little sleep, but by gosh darnit, I am trying to get some work done. If you find me zoned out, just give me a little push, and I will probably get going again.


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