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Drs Foster and Smith Ultra-Calm Bites

Anyone who else has a dog who has Alzheimers or problems with anxiety, hyperactivity, or just needs a bit of extra help falling asleep, I recommend these biscuits. For the price, the value, how much my dog enjoys them, and that they help Sabrina sleep at night, they are wonderful. They are a great calming treat for dogs.

She’s developed issues with pacing, anxiousness, and falling asleep at night (as well as staying asleep). While I’m trying to fall asleep at night (which isn’t usually a problem let me tell ya), she will pace the room and act like she has to run to the bathroom. Took me a long time to realize that her issues weren’t having to do with the bathroom, but to do with falling asleep. When the dark settles and she’s locked in the room with me, she grows really anxious.

In the middle of the night, without these biscuits (you can get them in chewable tablet form too), she would wake me up with her pacing, and I’d find her standing there staring at me. Not a comfortable feeling. Once I got the biscuits for her, I was skeptical, but I gave them a shot.

They worked!

Not only worked, but I had proof that they do help, during the week of the fourth of July. I had to use extra biscuits to help my Amber get through the fireworks (as well as music, a fan, keeping the windows shut), and I ended up running out of the biscuits. I gave Sabrina less and less, then none until the next batch came in. Thought I had timed it well, and didn’t think it would make such a big deal to run out for a few days.

I was wrong.

Not only did she resume her pacing, but I got very little sleep those first few nights, and by the time I got the next batch, I had to restart her on a higher amount (for her size,

The beauty I buy them for: my little princess
The beauty I buy them for: my little princess

she can have up to 6 biscuits a night, but I had been at four, then three; currently she is at five) to get her back to normal sleeping routine. I give 3 to her at 8 pm, then two around 9 pm or 9:30 pm. They don’t knock her out, which is the best part. I can give her the full dosage and she will be lazy, but she won’t be out of it. She just does what it says, she calms down. The biscuits take the edge off.

Sleep is imperative for me for my health, as well as for Sabrina’s health. And now it’s looking like I may have to start Amber on a biscuit per night (I believe for her weight, it’s only one or one and a half). Amber has started to wake in the middle of the night, then scratch at the door, or bark, which is more of a YIPE! that can wake the dead, I assure you. (Pomeranian mix, need I say more?)

I buy the 2 lbs biscuits, which is about 360 bites for $16.99 (sale right now), and here I go enjoying numbers. That means that for Sabrina on a typical 4 biscuit/night deal, that amount lasts about 90 days. That means that per biscuit, it’s about 5 cents, and I’m spending $0.20 per night to help her sleep. Best value I’ve found for me. If she were smaller I might go for something different, but I like that deal.

Now, as for the other dogs, when our dogs are in heat (the couple that still have to be fixed), I will sometimes give half a biscuit in the morning, and half a biscuit at night, to help them with the extra “urges” they are all experiencing. To any of the ones who are having issues.

With Kaley, who likes to talk to an excessive amount, and it can turn into an anxiousness problem, I sometimes will give her half a biscuit to help her out only when I see that she does need something. I think anyone who knows me well enough knows that I wouldn’t ever do something without heavy thought when it comes to the goblins. I never give any of them one for no reason. But I know when they may need a little extra help because I can feel it. So I’m discerning about it because I prefer to take the time to readjust the training I’m doing with them, or to give them more time when they need it, rather than reach for the easy way out.

So for any of the problems or issues I mentioned above, these are a great value, and a great biscuit. The dogs absolutely love the flavor and they don’t knock the dogs out, they just take the edge off when there becomes an edge there. I think any dog owner knows that tipping point because we know our dogs. We can sense that little extra that isn’t right. That’s when these come in handy. The main reason I bought them remains for Sabrina’s sake, and they really do help take that edge off for her so she can sleep, which is great in my book.

This is what they look like –

In her pretty little crystal dish (got tired of unscrewing the large top).
Sorry for the blur, but these are how large. About the size of a quarter.

Here is the link and where to purchase them. Since they have a smaller size, you can try them to test them without spending too much.

Have you tried them? Or do you think you will? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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