Always Consequences – Chapter Five

A bit of a sampler for you.


“So you think the woman could prove to be a problem?” Umar inquired.

Coetzee’s face remained cold. “I do.”

Umar smiled. “More than she’s worth?”


“Smile my friend! She’s a prisoner like the rest. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a young woman.”

Vincent shifted his stance, a slight indication of his disagreement, keeping his thoughts on the matter to himself. “Are we done?”

Umar’s amusement faded. Seriousness set in once more. “How long until the building is complete?”

“Not long. I can persuade the men to work quicker. It would be sooner, than later.”

Umar nodded, “Good. Do it. We shall move them to the warehouse under the cover of night when it’s done. Leave the trailers there. The idiots will assume they are still inside.”

Vincent nodded and stood at attention, remaining as still as he always did. Umar grinned. The man he faced was a formidable opponent, a solid wall who made people think twice about crossing him. His hard exterior couldn’t be broken through, no matter how hard someone tried. Should they consider him the weaker opponent and attempt to take him on? They would learn how he’d achieved his position as general. The man could take down someone twice his size, and in less time than men half his age.

Umar narrowed his eyes. Vincent held his gaze. “There is more. Tell me what you think about that woman.”

For a brief moment, Vincent seemed to visibly relax. Before his partner could remark, he took his position once more and closed up. “It is of no concern to me, Umar. You are the one who wishes this, not me. I stand behind the decision you make.”

Umar shook his head, “Will not do. You are my friend and closest confidant. I take in everything you say and consider it. You know this. Tell me.”

Vincent watched Umar, considering his words before speaking. “If she gave my men the slip when we first picked up the group, that in itself is an accomplishment.” Umar nodded in agreement, motioning for Vincent to continue. “There is something about her I think needs addressing. She poses the potential to be a severe distraction to you during this entire process.”

“You believe so? How?” Umar asked, getting up from his desk. He moved around to the front. Perching against the edge, he leaned back and crossed his arms, preparing to listen.

“I’ve seen her.”

“This is it? You think me so easily distracted?” Umar raised an eyebrow. His jaw clenched.

Vincent shook his head. “No. More that I believe her to be more trouble than you need. That will prove distracting.”

“Ah. Is she ugly then?” he asked, grinning. He knew his friend never bothered with such trivial things. Vincent found women worth nothing more than a quick lay when he needed it. Umar couldn’t resist asking. The words sunk in and though it was barely noticeable, Vincent stiffened further. Entertaining.

“Not entirely.”

Umar gave him a curt nod. “Good. Perhaps her trouble can be tamed. I can work her into being more compliant.”

“If we’re done, I have things to get to.” Vincent knew better than to bother arguing. If Umar wanted to waste his time on a plaything, he’d do it. There was no stopping him. It wasn’t Vincent’s job to babysit. Nor was it of any interest to him what Umar did to any woman, as long as he focused on work at hand.

“Yes, yes. We are done here. Keep an eye on her. I will speak with her soon.”

Vincent nodded and left without another word. Umar watched him exit, already thinking about the girl. Indeed, he would have to see her … and soon. Far too much testosterone here, it wouldn’t be such a terrible idea to incorporate pleasure in as well.

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