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Overheard conversation between Cara and Julian

I overheard this conversation between Cara and Julian after Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter ends and I thought that I would share it with you. My editor got uber excited to read Kober enter here. 🙂

“I have not heard from him in a while, Julian,” Cara says.

“I see.”

“I did not wish this pairing. Seems I was not the only one. He took off shortly after Kat announced—”

Julian, sensing the aggravation in her tone, cuts her off, “I understand how that must have felt, but Cara, what would you have me to do?”

Cara sighs. “Dissolve it, Julian. Only you have the power to dissolve the pairing. Would you have me stuck in this position forever?”

After a long pause, Julian speaks, “No. I will speak with Kat. I will ask her if she knows where he may have gone.”

Cara huffs. “I do not wish anything more to do with him, Julian.”

“No, I suppose not. But Sean cannot simply leave the city without word.”

“This has nothing more to do with me. Please do it quickly. I would like to believe that our pairing would have earned me some respect from you, your highness.”

Kober enters the room after Julian hangs up the phone. Julian explains the situation to him.

“This is not the first time he has left,” Kober says. “When Kat inquired about him, she told me as such. She told me she believed it innocent at first, but her gut instinct spoke of the opposite.”

Julian nods. “Wise woman. I trust her gut.”

Kober watches Julian. “Where do you believe Sean went?”

My goodness. Where do you think he went? And what is that man up to?
What are your thoughts?
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