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#ArianasWriting – Kennedy – Winged Female – 1562 words

Here’s a bit of what I’m working on. Please remember that this is all in draft form.

“Why don’t we go over here and talk,” Dillon said in a much stronger tone. More like his regular self. “More privacy that way.”

Kennedy’s gut clenched. No. If they get him alone, they’ll kill him. Her attention jerked up to her father. He seemed oblivious to everything. As though this was nothing more than another ordinary day, an ordinary lunch. So why was she having such a strong reaction? Why did she know without any question, that if these men took her brother out of public eye, they would kill him?

And what the hell could she do about it?

Her ears rang once more. Shift and lead them away. A voice deep within spoke. An intuition about something she could do. But what? Lead them away? How? She searched deep within for the answer, but the man’s voice cut through her like a hammer.


3 responses to “#ArianasWriting – Kennedy – Winged Female – 1562 words”

  1. Interesting Story! However if you're writing about a Hammer as a Weapon, it should be Knocked or Nailed! Never use Cut, unless The Suspect is using a Sword or Knife! Besides, The Suspect should have a Catch Phrase like: This Time I've Nailed it!


  2. Thank you. And thanks for testing the comments. Working great.
    haha no, I didn't use "hammer" in reference to a weapon. It's a figure of speech to describe how the man's voice affected her. 🙂


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