I’ve been thinking . . will you join me?

For a while, I have had an idea about how to share wonderful stories from the growing community that is ArianaBrowning.com. Oprah does it through her TV show, Ellen DeGeneres does it through hers. And I would love to do it as well.

All my life I have truly enjoyed listening to incredible stories about the past. About what people have been through, about what grandparents have passed down through the generations. I have loved to get to know people on a deep level. And I’m talking about so darn deep that there may not be oxygen, but once you come back, you are changed. Okay, maybe not life-threatening sort of deep.

Stories tell us the battles people go through. Stories tell us the amazing feats that someone has accomplished.  They inspire us. Stories remind us that we are not alone. Stories about the little things impacts us, they impact others.

For a while I have been thinking about this, but I have been busy with everything else, so I haven’t had the time to implement it. I haven’t had time to chat about it. But frankly, when is it ever a good time? We are all busy, we are all rushing through our days, but we need to remember to stop for a moment and realize that right now? Right now is all we have. This second. This moment. If we don’t take the time to tell our story, or another person’s story, who will? At what point are we going to be lost to the past with nothing left?

We should honor our memories. We should honor our grandparents memories. We should honor memories of anyone who has a story to tell. Whether it was life-changing, or whether it was an anecdote, maybe even a recipe. We should cherish those. If you don’t tell what story you have inside, where will it go when you’re gone?

What I hope to see with ArianaBrowning.com is for it to become a daily stop in site where we learn and grow as individuals so that we see the world differently. So we see the world as beautiful as it is, and we put that same energy out into the universe. Because each one of us has a responsibility only to one person. Even if you have kids, or other dependents. Until we become better people for ourselves, we cannot do better by others. Until we change ourselves because we want to, we cannot expect the entirety of the world to change.

Life is beautiful. Life is abundant. Life replenishes. So let’s collectively add to that and tell stories that will change what that one person views, and like the butterfly effect, their energy begins to change those around them to see the beauty and peace that does surround them. We are free. In our minds, our hearts, our souls. What we choose to see, what we choose to hear: that is what we then put out. We need to change that inner dialogue.

I speak as an individual who has known the deepest parts of Hell. I have been there. Yet all I see around me are good people. I see beauty. I trust. I smile most of the day. Because it is what I choose to see. Beauty. I could dwell on the bad things around me, what I’ve been through, but then I would become as jaded as many people are.

Don’t become so jaded that you stop seeing how incredible this world is, or how many great feats are being done each moment. Don’t stop seeing that there is so much to be thankful for. Don’t fear throwing out the old and paving way for the new.

Maybe many will shake their heads when they read this. Maybe many more will think I am naive, or that nobody cares. You know what? I don’t think they are wrong to think that. To let go. To move on. Whatever it may be. They just aren’t ready. I am okay with that. I choose to live this way for me. Nobody else. I have spent many nights crying myself to sleep and I finally learned that it was up to me to change. It was up to me to stop seeing the negative and build a better life for myself. You know how I did it? I believed in it. I stopped seeing the bad, and started to appreciate what I do have. I changed that inner dialogue and the universe gave me the life I sought, and it continues to grow and build around me. It continues to grow in abundance. I overflow with happiness because I decided that I would, and I do.

Maybe many aren’t ready for this change, but I think you are.

The news likes to show us the worst of the worst, and glaze over the beauty of this world. Yes, we have wars. If you look back at history, we have always had that. We have always had people killing. But what about the great stories?

We need more of those.

Whispering Winds

I want to hear your story. I want to hear your grandparents story. I want you to tell me about someone amazing you know, for whatever reason they have inspired you. For whatever purpose, you know that their story needs to be told. Or maybe it’s a family recipe that you’re allowed to share. Maybe it’s an old-fashioned anecdote. An old skill. An old way of doing something that continues to work for you better than the new way.

I feel that rekindling those old stories will remind us that we are all more connected than we know. It is a step. A step in the right direction.

I want to hear what you have to say. We are sitting on that warm country porch (or beach porch if you like the beach) in the early evening hours just before the sun sets, and you are telling all of us a story. You have the floor, and everyone’s attention. You have a story that you, or someone you know, needs to tell.

Tell me that story and I will publish it on ArianaBrowning.com. Tell a friend and encourage them to tell theirs. Tell it in whatever format you would like. Tell it however you would like. An interview, or just to have the floor and write.

If you’d like to remain anonymous to tell that story, feel free to tell me so. I will keep your name out of it. Email me at ariana@arianabrowning.com or use the contact me button in the navigation bar.

We will be here. We will be listening.

Whispering Winds

Within the wind, you can hear all the stories of our ancestors, of current stories being told. Whispering through the leaves of the trees, whispering within the ground beneath our feet. Within our souls and others out there, there are hundreds of stories waiting to be told, waiting to be uncovered. Waiting for someone with the courage to come forward and start. We are all connected. We all have a story to tell. So tell it for yourself, tell it for another.

When I have enough of these stories to fill a book, I am thinking that they need to be made into a book too. So one day that too, will be a part of this. A free book, but one that we can hold in our hands and read daily when we want to remember.

Join me.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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